USB MIDI Host - real MIDI Out for MIDI USB controllers and keyboards, without a PC!

Classic DIN 5 MIDI Out port - full support for the transmission of all MIDI messages, SysEx and MTC.

USB host port, provides power to a USB MIDI device and receives MIDI messages.

Power socket for 5V power supply (not included) or power bank

Dimensions - 55 x 57 x 27 mm

Activity LED for MIDI Out Port



Turn on, connect to devices.

After connecting to the power supply, the green LED flashes slowly, the host is ready to connect the midi devices.

After connecting the device and receiving a handle to it, the green LED is constantly on — working mode, the host is ready to receive midi messages.

If the LED blinks frequently - a host error or the device handle of the device connected to the host is lost, you must restart the host by turning off the power for a few seconds and turning it on again, but you can not remove the USB plug of the device from the host connector.

Example usage with Akai LPD8:

USB Host Module - Example with lpd8


Standard MIDI compatible devices are supported. Some complex MIDI devices use a built-in USB hub. These MIDI devices are not supported and will NOT work with our USB HOST module. You can determine if your device has a built-in hub by running the free program Windows Tree USB Viewer. If it is displayed as a new hub and one or more devices when connected to a MIDI device, it will not work with our USB host module.

Incomplete list of compatible devices.

Supported Unsupported
AKAI professinoal LPK25 keyboard Novation Launccontrol
AKAI professinoal LPD8 keyboard Alesis V49
Akai MPK Mini mkII
Arturia Beatstep
Behringer X32
Behringer XR18
Numark Orbit
Yamaha P105
Yamaha P45