MIDI Synthesizer Module (tone generator), polyphony 64 voices.

Compact size and high-quality sound for MIDI keyboard, Digital Piano, Computer, Karaoke.

Dimensions - 85 x 89 x 38 mm

MIDI Activity LED

Mini USB - device (connection to computer, tablet ), host - via USB OTG adapter (included), with the ability to power the connected keyboards

MIDI IN - DIN 5 input

Power Input - 5V, 100mA

USB power supply included, maybe powered by USB Power Bank.

Microphone input - minijack

Audio output - stereo minijack Headphones / Linear L R

Weight 200g.


Instructions for use

Main characteristics:

• 262 instruments, including 128 GM instruments

• 9 drum sets + 1 SFX set

• DSP Multi-Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Rotor Slow / Fast

• 32 midi channels


Alphanumeric LCD display 2 * 12 characters


MIDI IN - lights up when there are MIDI message signals at the MIDI IN


F - function selection

<> - selection of values ​​(simultaneously pressing the function All Notes Off (Controller 123))

Windows software; Mac OS - installs automatically when connected to the USB port of the computer.

Turn on, control.

After turning on the display


HW Synth

with the version number of the program, then the program selection function (voice) is activated


(Grand) Pno1

the choice of the program buttons "<" ">"

Pressing “F” function to select a category of programs (voices)

(Pianos, El Pianos, Keyboards, Chromperc, Organs, Guitars,

Bass, Strings, Orchestral, Brass, Sax Wood, Leads,

Pads, EFX, Ethnic, Drumperc, SFX)

Pressing "F" and the right button ">"

Channel selection



selection of the values of the button value “<” “>”

Press "F", select function:

Channel (01), Volume (100), Pan (64), Reverb (40), Chorus (0)

Pressing "F" and the right button ">"

Controller selection



selection of the values of the button value “<” “>”

Press "F", select function:

Cuttof (64), Attack (64), Release (64), Decay (64), Modulation (0), Resonnance (64), Mono / Poly (Poly)

Pressing "F" and the right button ">"

Choice of global settings

Reverb type


selection of the values of the button value “<” “>”

Press "F", select function:

Reverb type (Room1, Room2, Room3, Hall1, Hall2, Plate, Delay, Pan Delay),

Chorus type (Chorus1, Chorus2, Chorus3, Chorus4, Feedback, Flanger, Short Delay, FB Delay),

Eq Bass (96), Eq Treble (96), Master Volume (127)

Pressing "F" and the right button ">"

Select microphone settings (audio input)

Mic in


selection of the values of the button value “<” “>”

Press "F", select function:

Mic in (Off, On),

Mic Volume (100), Mic Pan (64), Mic Echo Lev (127), Mic Echo Time (64), Mic Echo FB (64),

Mic Pith Shift

(Off, Robot1, Robot2, Robot3, Robot4, Robot5,

Micky Mouse1, Micky Mouse2, Micky Mouse3, Micky Mouse4, Micky Mouse4, Micky Mouse6,

Light Double, Med Double, Strong Double, Low Oct Double)

Pressing "F" and the right button ">"

Selection of saved presets

Preset 1

<Save   Select>

selection of the actions of the button value “<” “>”

press "F", preset select function (8 presets)

pressing "F" and the left button "<", moving in the opposite direction

Description to synthesizer PDF

Description on sound banks PDF

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