ATEMP MB1 the button accordion MIDI keyboard

The button accordion MIDI keyboard is used for transmitting MIDI messages to sequencers and software and hardware tone generators via the MIDI OUT Din-5 port and MIDI USB.

The Bayanola is a unique instrument, the play on which will help you master the basic skills of playing the button accordion (bayan). And also perform simple compositions (plays) for this wonderful instrument.

The left hand takes the chords on the buttons fretboard, and the right hand plays the melody.

On button accordion it is enough to master the performance of the three main scales and chords in them, in order to play them in other keys.



The body of the instrument is made of natural solid wood and is covered with a transparent varnish, it is pleasant to hold in hands. Due to properly sized sizes, adult musicians and children can play it. A small size and light weight (about 1 kg) makes it easy to carry and take it with you on the road or on holiday - playing and learning melodies for button accordion will help to brighten up leisure.

There is also a possibility to choose different sounds of bayans, harmonies, and other VST organs or hardware synthesizers. There is a possibility of assignable controllers and joystick (by default it is set to pitch bend), as well as connecting an external expression pedal.

Instructions for use

Also available for ordering Bayanola with CBA C-system button, which is very popular in Europe.

Controllers and Functions

Atemp MB1 has the following MIDI controllers

Turnable to the stop:

Expression (Controller 11), Modulation (Controller 1) - assignable, saved.


Pith Band Change or Controller (01 - 99) - assignable, stored.

External pedal

Expression (Controller 11) - Assignable, stored.


Offset from 0 to 3 octaves up and down

Transpose from 0 to 11 semitones up and down

Programm Change the selection of the program (timbre) (1 - 128)

All Notes Off (Panic) (Controller 123)

Select MIDI channel to send MIDI messages.

Select fixed Velocity values ​​from 120 to 30

Splitting the keyboard into the lower and upper zones

Purpose of controllers.

Direct, reverse joystick activation




Connector for an external expression pedal - Jack 6.5mm


Four-digit, 7-segment LED

Light-emitting diode

MIDI OUT - lights up when there are MIDI messages on the MIDI OUT - Din5, USB MIDI


F - function selection

< > - select values

ON Windows; Mac OS is installed when connected to the USB port on the computer automatically.

USB power supply 5V, 30mA.

The size is 430 * 135 * 40 mm.

Weight 950 g.

3. Turn on, connect to devices.

After turning on the display runs through the line


with the version number of the program, then the octave offset selection function is activated:


- selection of the octave of the button "<", ">"

Press "F" to select the transposition offset:


next press "F" program selection function (timbre):


- select the timbre button "<" tens of from 0 to 120 - in a circle, the button ">" units from 1 to 10 in a circle. Saved, basic value 1.

next press "F" channel selection function:


stored, basic value 1.

next press "F" function select fixed Velocity values ​​from 120 to 30 ( stored value ):


next pressing "F" the function of dividing the keyboard into the lower and upper zones:


- ">" key to activate and select the split note (memorized value) "S-C", next press selects the C# note - the first octave and so on to note B, in a circle, the lower zone increases by one octave and switches to the next channel from the selected one. Button "<" - turns off keyboard partitions.

If you hold the "F" button for more than 5 seconds, additional settings are added:

function assigning numbers to the rotary controller:


- selection by turning the controller knob, joystick or pedal. Saving, selecting the controller number, the button "<" tens from 0 to 90 - in a circle, the button ">" units from 0 to 9 in a circle. For the joystick with the value of the button "<" tens above 90, the function Pith Band Change

next pressing "F" function on, switching off the indication of the value of the controllers:


- the inclusion of the button ">" "cdon", the shutdown button "<" "cdoF"

next pressing "F" function direct, back joystick:


- direct inclusion button ">" "Jdir" (0-127), the reverse button "<" "Jrev" (127-0).

- keyboard layout button accordion ">" "c-bn", accordion garmon "<" "c-Gn".

Before use, it is recommended that you install the Accordion and Organ plug-ins on the VST and Host VST computer

For training it is recommended to buy "Teach-Teacher on the bayan" A. Basurmanova

With this product also ordered:

MIDI Synthesizer (tone generator), polyphony 64 voices.

Compact size and high-quality sound for MIDI keyboard, Computer, Karaoke.

The cost when ordering with Bayanola - $130 US

When you connect Bayanol to W Synth, power is supplied to it through the MIDI cable!